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Our Window Range

Choose The Best Style Window To Compliment Your Home

Windows do more than let light into your home, the simple addition of new windows can transform the whole look and feel of your house. Whatever your home, changing your windows can open up a whole new world of style. As opposed to wooden framed windows our PVcu windows offer minimal maintenance and improved thermal efficiency. Unlike wooden windows our profile will not rot, distort and require painting ever.

Whatever the style of your home, our windows ensure that the window design blends in beautifully. Whether you’re looking for casement, ‘tilt and turn’, French, bay or bow windows we can fit them, in classic white or a choice of woodgrain finishes.


It’s safe to say that since the installation of your current windows that the build quality of current systems has significantly improved. Locking devices are far more durable than previous generations and are made from stainless steel components ensuring longevity. Beading styles, glazing designs and options are all far more elegant than previous generations, and all with more choice than ever before. Low-level beads, unobtrusive like coloured gaskets, sculptured sashes and all-in-one sash horns are just a few of the dazzling array of features on offer.


By using only the REHAU profile we offer a complete suite of bevelled or fully sculptured frames to compliment every style of property from period to modern, with our wide selection of styles, colours and unique features we can really bring your home to life. The profile we use combines strength, thermal performance and low maintenance which when coupled with coloured gaskets makes the perfect choice both aesthetically and economically.

All of our windows are secured with a nine point stainless steel locking system which ensures that which matters most, your family and home, are always safe and secure. By conforming to exacting government standard such as BS7950 you can rest assured that with our windows and doors you will be enjoying your new installation for years to come.